• MaRS Discovery District Centre (map)
  • 101 College Street
  • Toronto, ON, M5G 1L7
  • Canada

This month: Major announcements for the WWTO community + our annual tech writers recap of CES and a special presentation by 3Glasses VR and SOMO by Sonic Wear 

CES just wrapped up earlier this month are continuing our tradition to host a panel of tech journalists post-event to recap what they saw and help us wade through the wearable tech trends which will dominate 2016.

Plus we have a special presentation of 3Glasses D2 Vanguard Edition, the first ever virtual reality headset with a revolutionary 2K resolution display with VP, Philip Kong video conferencing in from China. 

And Toronto-based SonicWear joins us on stage with a live dance performance using SOMO, a wireless, wearable motion-tracking device that turns movement into music. 

In the demo area go hands-on with demos of 3Glasses VR, MiaoMiao Games' Whisper Dungeon Google Cardboard game, SOMO wireless motion-tracking device for dancers by Sonic Wear, Connected DJ by Connected Labs and the Muse Monitor app. Just added: Able Bionics will feature the latest in exoskeleton tech.  

Plus we are featuring a "Pitch a Tech Writer" table in the expo where you will have one-on-one access to four tech writers who write for MobileSyrup, BetaKit, Tom's Hardware, Globe and Mail, Electric Runway, Toronto Star, and more. The table will be open from 8:30-10PM.

This event is free. Just RSVP here on Meetup.com. Food and beer provided to registered attendees thanks to our sponsors Lake Wilcox Brewery and Pizza Pizza.


6:30-7:00: Doors open + networking and expo begins 

7:00-7:15: Opening Remarks & Major Announcements - Tom Emrich, Founder, We Are Wearables

7:15-7:45: Tech Writers Recap CES 2016 featuring:

  • Alex Davies - Tom's Hardware
  • Ted Kristonis - Globe and Mail, Calgary Herald, WhatsYourTech.ca and WiFi HiF 
  • Patrick O'Rourke - MobileSyrup
  • Daniel Bader - MobileSyrup
  • Amanda Cosco - Electric Runway 
  • Tom Emrich - MobileSyrup, BetaKit

7:45-8:00: SOMO by Sonic Wear presented by Loretta Faveri, Founder 

8:00-8:20: Special presentation of 3Glasses VR including a Q&A with Philip Kong, Vice President 

8:20-10:00: Networking & Expo continues with the following companies: 

  • 3Glasses VR, the first ever virtual reality headset with a revolutionary 2K resolution display
  • MiaoMiao Games featuring Whisper Dungeon, a new Google Cardboard game
  • SOMO by Sonic Wear, a wireless, wearable motion-tracking device that turns movement into music
  • Connected DJ by Connected Lab,  an intelligent music app that will DJ your party and allow your guests to add music to the playlist. It’s the smart, shared playlist your whole party will love
  • Muse Monitor, Get real time EEG brainwave data beautifully graphed, right on your phone or tablet with this smartphone app for Muse.
  • Pitch a tech writer table open from 8:30-10PM 
  • Able Bionics -  an exoskeleton therapy, training and sales company that sells the ReWalk Personal 6.0, Keeogo and Rex Bionics

A big thanks to our sponsors MaRS Discovery District Centre, EY Canada, Proto3000, Herscu & Goldsilver, 3Glasses and Extreme Innovations for making this event possible.