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We are kicking off We Are Wearables Ottawa with our city’s leaders in the field. Ottawa is home to some highly anticipated wearable tech, and with our history as the original silicon valley north, this is a great place to innovate, share and create. We have all the pieces to make a great wearable, there is a deep history of communications technology, and we have a growing UX scene. 

Hosted by Systemscope, in the heart of The Market, hear from Ottawa’s wearable tech leaders and go hands-on with some of the latest in wearable tech. 

Beer and pizza will be provided. This is a free event to attend but you must register on Meetup.com to reserve your spot.


6:00-6:30PM: Doors open, food & bar served + demo area open 

6:30-6:45PM: Opening remarks from Jen Greenberg, We Are Wearables Ottawa organizer and Tom Emrich, Founder of We Are Wearables & Senior Editor at BetaKit.com

6:45-7:00PM: Presentation + Demo from Leonard MacEachern, President and CEO of GestureLogic 

7:00-7:30PM: Panel: A First Look at Ottawa's Wearable Scene with:  

• Leonard MacEachern, President & CEO of GestureLogic

• Lee Silverstone, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of GymTrack

• Kyle McInnes, Director of Maker Space North

• Moderator: Rob Woodbridge, Founder of UNTETHER.tv

7:30-8:00PM: Networking + tech demos from  

• GestureLogic, makers of the fitness intelligence wearable LEO 

• Gymtrack, a wearable, smart pin and barbell attachment to automatically track your workout at the gym

A big thank you to our sponsors and partners for making this event possible: Design 1st, Systemscope, BetaKit and Pizza Pizza.

About the Tech

GestureLogic is an Ottawa-based wearable technology company arising from award-winning research conducted at Carleton University, Canada. GestureLogic's team combines experience and expertise in the areas of business, sales, athletics, industrial design, machine intelligence, electrical engineering, and biomedical engineering.

Gymtrack provides gyms with a system that automatically tracks their members' workouts including free weights, barbells, weight stacks, cardio exercises and bodyweight. Gymtrack also impacts the $10 billion person training industry by allowing gyms to sell Virtual Personal Training to their members, where trainers can keep track of performance in real time and adjust workouts accordingly. Gymtrack was founded in 2014 and as since grown to over 35 employees and counts the largest gym chains and equipment manufacturers in the world as customers.         

About Our Speakers

Rob Woodbridge: For 14 years Rob has been immersed in the middle of the mobile revolution in roles ranging from strategic advisor, board member and coach to VP Operations and President & CEO. In each of the companies that he has been involved with, he has helped shape strategy, marketing initiatives and product development to extend existing business into the mobile world -- or flat out create new businesses leveraging mobile. Rob's experience is as diverse as the mobile industry -- from a mobile game company targeting consumers to a mobile IT solution targeting enterprises to a video podcast focused on understanding the ins and outs of developing, marketing and selling mobile applications (found at http://www.untether.tv).

Leonard MacEachern is the CEO and co-founder of GestureLogic, an Ottawa-based wearable technology start-up. Len is an Associate Professor of Electronics Engineering at Carleton University, performing research on low-power and high performance analog and mixed-signal circuitry with application to wearable technology implementations. Len has over 20 years of electrical engineering consulting experience, and is a named inventor on multiple patents. He has merged his passion for fitness and technology into GestureLogic.

Lee Silverstone is a multiple time entrepreneur who after completing his honours degree in Health Science at the University of Ottawa in 2014, went on to found Gymtrack. Lee holds years of experience in management, at Gymtrack, MyTutor, and H20 where he was responsible for managing over 150 employees. Lee is a passionate entrepreneur and inventor and plays a major role coordinating aspects of Gymtrack with a special focus on sales and marketing and physical product development. Gymtrack currently has 35 employees and counts some of the largest gym chains and equipment manufacturers in the world as customers.  

Kyle McInnes started off as a writer, creating content for tech blogs and entertainment sites. From there I got into the business of web marketing and trying to build online businesses. Now I'm doing the startup thing and trying to build great companies. Currently, I'm the director of Maker Space North, a 19,000 sq. ft warehouse that houses startups, events and makers. 

About Our Partners

Design 1st is a senior product design and engineering team with 25 years experience, serving clients in Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. We balance a product's technical objectives with a user's expectation of professional design image and simple operation. Our in-house prototyping facilities and creative team of industrial designers and mechanical engineers are ready to start bringing your idea to life!

Systemscope works with government to improve its operations and services. They do this by improving the management of their organizations, their online presence and their information assets, delivering purpose-built solutions across these areas: operations consulting, service improvement and information management. 

BetaKit covers Canadian startup-news and tech innovation. 

Pizza Pizza: As a restaurant, pizza maker, employer, business partner and caring company, Pizza Pizza delivers. The Pizza Pizza network, including Pizza73, is composed of more than 600 traditional and non-traditional restaurants coast to coast, employing over 3,000 Canadians. We provide a flavourful, varied and high-quality menu to pizza-lovers of all ages and tastes. As a result, our organization has become a leader in the quick service segment of the Canadian foodservice industry, and one of the top pizza restaurant chains in the country. 

Interested in speaking at or sponsoring the event? Want to join the team? Or have some feedback? Email the Ottawa team at ottawa@wearewearables.com.

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