• Extreme Innovations - Suite 1600 (map)
  • 67 Yonge Street
  • Toronto, ON, M5E
  • Canada

An intimate discussion forum for developers, product managers and entrepreneurs looking to learn more about bringing wearable technology to market. This event is made possible thanks to Extreme Innovations.  

Join us on April 26, 2016 to share valuable lessons in bringing new technology to the marketplace from the founders of:

• IFTech, makers of a high tech multi-sensory gaming suit ARAIG(as real as it gets)

• Penta Medical, developing a technical medical fabric to help promote faster healing 

• BreqLabs, makers of an exoglove for wearable interaction with the virtual world 

• Suncayr, makers of a wearable smart UV indicator 

The event includes a brief presentation from each company, followed by a panel-style Q & A session. This is a free event, with food and beverage provided. 

This event is part of our Wearable Workshop series - an intimate educational sessions aimed at equipping the wearables community with what they need to successfully develop connected solutions. This series is hosted by our partner Extreme Innovations. Extreme Innovations,  an Extreme Venture Partners' portfolio company that offers entrepreneurs and corporations turnkey solutions to product development.

Space is limited to 50. 

Location: Extreme Innovations Office - 67 Yonge Street Suite 1600


6:30 to 7:00 - Registration & Networking

7:00 to 7:15 - Company presentations

  • IFTech
  • Penta Medical
  • Suncayr 
  • BreqLabs 

7:15 to 8:00 - Panel Discussion/Q&A

  • Alexa Roeper, Founder of Penta Medical 
  • Michael Stanfield, Founder of IFTech 
  • Martin Labrecque, Founder of BreqLabs 
  • Andrew Martinko, CEO of Suncayr 
  • Moderated by Josh Kerbel, Managing Partner of Extreme Innovations 

8:00 to 9:00 - Networking

Participating Companies

IFTech Inventing Future Technology Inc. is a high tech Ontario based Corporation headquartered in Oshawa. Our business focus is on immersive wearable technology. Our latest product is ARAIG which stands for AS Real AS It Gets. It is a gaming suit which provides real world sensory stimulation for all virtual world environments. Now gamers can feel what they have only been able to see. Learn more at https://araig.com/

BreqLabs is commercializing a novel and innovative sensor glove that can track hand position and gestures with high accuracy and almost zero latency. It can help provide the best computer gaming experience, implement hands-free computer access, training tools and simulators or assist people with pain or mobility limitations. Learn more at http://www.breqlabs.com/

Penta Medical is designing wearable forms of infrared therapy to improve the healing process. We're replacing traditional therapy sessions with fabrics and wearables that can deliver the same therapeutic benefit, at a fraction of the cost. Based out of Velocity, we're initially targeting the equine performance athlete market with plans to move into sales in the coming months. Learn more at http://pentamedical.ca/ 

Suncayr is going to help everyone safely enjoy the sun. We've created Spot: a smart indicator of UV light. Spot is printed with fun and engaging designs that change colour to sunscreen's users when their skin is exposed to UV. Spot will help everyone use sunscreen to more effectively protect their skin. Learn more at http://www.suncayr.ca/ 

For more information, contact Josh Kerbel at josh@extremeinnovations.com


For more information, contact Josh Kerbel at josh@extremeinnovations.com