This June, TIFF is exploring the intersection of VR, music and art with a pop-up installation at TIFF Bell Lightbox that's filled with beauty, delight and surprises (like moss-covered headsets).

They want to bring this technology to you, and let you experience it for yourself and explore some important questions: what’s it like to lose yourself in an imaginary world that’s all around you? How does this stuff function as art? And what will it be like when (and if) this tech becomes a part of your standard living room setup?

See the forest as the animals see it. Play a drum solo on hamburgers and gummy bears. Merge with a being made of pure light. Hop on stage at a Cirque du Soleil show. Sign your name in the air, then walk around and see how it looks from the other side. Virtual reality may sound like all the best, weirdest dreams you've ever had mashed together — because it's just like that. This is your chance to live your dreams. Join us for POP 01. And don't miss POP 02 (VR + Empathy + Real-World Storytelling) in July and August's POP 03 (VR + Experimental Film).