• TIFF Lightbox (map)
  • 350 King Street West
  • Toronto, ON, M5V 3C6
  • Canada

In July, TIFF is delving into the incredible power of VR to put people in other people's lives. And also the challenges and questions that come with that power. 

Storytellers are only beginning to explore the potential for virtual reality to put people inside other perspectives — and other lives. In our second POP, you'll get the chance to experience some of the best work that's been done to date, and also to question the limits of the technology and the ethical questions it raises. From escapist fun (take a drive around Mars! Wander an alien world!) to crushing and immersive VR documentaries to a one-of-a-kind room-scale augmented reality experience, you will leave this installation with some new views on things. 

This event is in collaboration with The Verge.

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