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We Are Wearables Toronto has joined forces with House of VR for AR+VR industry night - an evening of inspiring talks, thought provoking conversations, special announcements, networking and demos that are aimed to educate, inspire and connect you with this new wave of computing.

Event hashtag #WWTO

This evening event is on August 1 from 6:30-10PM. Doors open at 6:30PM. Cash bar will be available. Your ticket will include ONE drink ticket provided at the door for a Lake Wilcox Brewery beer sponsored by RNMKR while supplies last. All ticket holders must be 19+ and older. ID will be checked at the door. Valid tickets must be presented in order to enter. Questions? Email tom@wearewearables.com.

Why Attend AR+VR industry night

  • Step inside new realities with 5 highly immersive VR demos stationed at House of VR
  • Get exclusive early access to House of VR's Augmented Reality art show
  • Learn how Toronto's Modiface is leading the AR revolution in the beauty & health industry
  • Hear from active AR+VR investors in the city talk on what they are looking for in deals
  • Witness a special announcement from Quantum Capture 
  • Hear from Canadian startups developing solutions for the next wave of computing in the IDEABOOST AR+VR showcase 
  • See what Canadian developers are doing with Apple's new AR platform ARKit presented by MobileSyrup
  • Network with the Toronto AR+VR community including investors, C-level executives, developers, designers, creators and media

Who Should Attend

  • Corporations - learn about AR+VR and how to leverage these technologies to take your business to the next level and meet with startups and strategic partners to help you get there
  • Investors - get the pulse of the industry, identify and meet with startups solving real problems in AR/VR and network with fellow investors interested in investing in this emerging space
  • Press/Analysts - hear inspiring talks and launch announcements, go hands-on with AR+VR and meet with startups in the city that are leading the AR+VR revolution
  • Developers, Designers, Producers & Engineers - learn about the latest AR+VR tech trends, try demos, network with potential employers and fellow AR+VR creators
  • Startups - meet with investors, strategic partners and potential clients and get on the radar of press

A huge thank you to our sponsors Proto3000, NeuronicWorks, RNMKR, CFC Media Lab / IDEABOOST, Genesys, cognitiveVR, AugmentedReality.org, Super Ventures, BetaKit and our venue partner House of VR for making this event possible.


6:30-7:00PM: Registration & AR+VR Demos & AR Art Gallery

7:00-7:10PM: Opening Remarks - Tom Emrich - Partner, Super Ventures and Founder, We Are Wearables

7:10-7:25PM: Fireside chat with Modiface - the creators of AR tech for the beauty+medical industries including L'Oreal and Estee Lauder

  • Parham Aarabi - Founder & CEO, Modiface
  • Amanda Cosco - Founder, Electric Runway and leading Fashion Tech expert

7:25-7:35PM: Special Announcement from Quantum Capture - Morgan Young, CEO & Co-Founder, Quantum Capture

7:35-7:50PM: Fireside chat with Augmented Human author and AR expert, Helen Papagiannis

7:50-8:20PM: AR+VR Investor Panel

  • Ana Serrano - Managing Director, IDEABOOST
  • Prashant Matta - Senior Associate, OMERS
  • Alexander Barclay - Investment Manager, MaRS IAF
  • Tom Emrich - Partner, Super Ventures

8:20-8:30PM: ARKit demos presented by MobileSyrup

8:30-8:45PM: AR+VR Startup Showcase presented by IDEABOOST including

  • Pete Forde - CEO, itsme
  • Ian Kelso - Co-founder, Impossible Things
  • John Curtin - Co-founder, Albedo Informatics 

8:45-10:00PM: Networking and AR+VR Demos & AR Art Gallery

IDEABOOST AR+VR Startup Showcase Demos

Impossible Things Reblink Experience

Have you ever wondered how classic paintings would look with a modern update? How would the portraits change? And how would the landscapes transform. You won’t believe your eyes this summer as Impossible Things and the AGO offer a magical new way to experience art. From Toronto-based digital artist Alex Mayhew comes ReBlink, an innovative augmented reality experience that taps into the power of technology to give visitors a chance to see works from the AGO’s Canadian and European Collections in a whole new way.

Albedo Informatics

Albedo Informatics Inc. is currently developing LARGE -- a mobile app, and platform, for the creation of location-based augmented reality(AR) content. It is powerful and easy to use -- you just drag-and-drop 3D-Models, animations, photos, video, audio and text to create AR scenes. You can anchor scenes to real world locations around you, and connect series of scenes to create tours, scavengers hunts, and longer narratives. Educators, visual artists, storytellers, game designers, cultural organizations, festivals, brands and businesses will all benefit from LARGE. 


SUBPAC is a plug-n'-play high fidelity physical audio technology that lets its user be physica immersed in the content they are experiencing. hen using the SUBPAC with Virtual Reality, the SUBPAC adds another dimension by rinin the body into the experience. This reates mor depth, and elevates the overall VR experience for the end-user; especially hen playin VR arcade games!


itsme allows anyone to create a recognizable, full-body 3D virtual avatar using a single photograph taken on a smartphone or laptop. The process is fully automatic, takes just seconds and is completely free. Avatars - part of the $30B annual in-game item industry - are how we represent ourselves in VR. Today, most avatars look like cartoons; itsme is a simple way for the world's 1.3 billion gamers to turn themselves into photo-realistic avatars. 

House of VR Demos

All attendees will have access to these highly immersive House of VR demos plus early access to House of VR's augmented reality art gallery


Block the beats! Audioshield puts you at the point of impact for every hit in your songs. Block incoming orbs with your shields and feel the music. Works with any song file, plus online music streaming and Song of the Day.

Blasters of the Universe

Blasters of the Universe is the first of its kind, bringing the bullet hell genre into first person VR. Intense gameplay is heavily reliant on physical movement, requiring the player to duck, dodge, twist, turn, and maneuver their way through tons of enemies and hundreds of bullets.

Masterpiece VR

MasterpieceVR is the world’s first collaborative 3D painting, sculpting and modelling program for virtual reality. Create works of art, colourful characters, and objects with ease. Connect with people anywhere in the world and create together in real time, teach an art class, or share your creation.

The Night Café

The Night Cafe is an environment that allows you to explore the world of Vincent van Gogh first hand. Take a moment to enjoy his iconic sunflowers in 3 dimensions or walk around the chair he painted in his bedroom to see it from another angle. Step into the vivid colors straight from his palette.

Richie's Plank Experience

Are you afraid of heights? Take an elevator to our plank that’s sits 160m high above the ground, then dare to walk to the end! An experience made for first-time VR users. Plus, customise the settings to add a physical plank to your playing space!

"House of VR presents: Prosthetic Reality, an Augmented Reality Art Show"

A viral sensation in 2016, Prosthetic Reality is being showcased in Canada for the first time thanks to a collaboration between House of VR and Australian artist Sutu. The Augmented Reality art show features 25 international artists whose work comes to life with digital animations curated by Sutu. Using the proprietary Eyejack app, guests will hover over real-life art pieces to see the whimsical digital animations. For those not experienced with AR, this will be a sight to remember.

About our Sponsors

Super Ventures is also the producing team behind AWE, the largest AR+VR event in the world with dates in USA, Europe and China. AWE Europe 2017 is on October 19-20 in Munich, Germany. Learn more about AWE at www.augmentedworldexpo.com and the Super Ventures fund at www.superventures.com.

NeuronicWorks Inc. is a full-service product development company that specializes in hardware, firmware, and software development for custom electronics and integrated systems. From ideation to conceptualization, and prototyping to production, NeuronicWorks supports you every step of the way. Learn more at https://neuronicworks.com/.

IDEABOOST is a Toronto-based business accelerator and startup community for companies that are building the next generation of technology-based media and entertainment products, services, and brands. IDEABOOST includes its Accelerator, its Network Connect startup community, and an ongoing Alumni program for companies that leave the Accelerator into the marketplace. Apply to IDEABOOST Network Connect today at http://www.ideaboost.ca.

Proto3000 provides professional 3D Printing Services, Rapid Prototyping Services, Stratasys 3D Printers, 3D Laser Scanning services, and 3D Laser Scanners. Learn more at www.proto3000.com

RNMKR (formerly Herscu & Goldsilver) is Canada's leading PR agency focused on driving hyper awareness for innovative technology and lifestyle companies. Leanr more at www.calltherainmaker.com

Genesys: Don't miss out on a great opportunity to work at the Genesys Markham office. Free beverages, complimentary snacks, foosball and flexible work hours are just some of the perks you'll enjoy. These benefits help us attract great talent, but the technical challenges, the collaborative work environment and the engineering focused teams are what keep people working in this office for years. Join our talented group of young and experienced developers to create and deliver world class Genesys products for the world’s #1 Customer Experience Platform. Learn more at https://careers.genesys.com/.

House of VR: Located in trendy Queen West, House of VR offers a state-of-the-art VR experience. It will soon be the hub of the VR scene in Toronto. House of VR lets you rent-by-the-hour in one of our 360˚ viewing pods or play with a group in our VR or Mixed Reality Green Screen units. We’ve also built a cool space that has an interactive lounge and futuristic art installations! Come experience a new dimension of storytelling and gaming that is blurring the lines between fantasy and reality. Learn more at http://houseofvr.com/

cognitiveVR began its journey in late 2015 in Vancouver, British Columbia. We started with a singular axiom: give content creators the ability to make better VR. 
Leveraging advanced web & mobile analytics technology, we have been able to rapidly accelerate deployment of tools into the market. This has allowed us to focus on new products and services such as SceneExplorer. Virtual reality is a fundamentally different medium – and its core driver technologies reflect this. Game engines have turned into deep, scriptable, exponentially complex 3D authoring platforms. These platforms – and the content they enable – require deep intelligence tools capable of intuitively ingesting and visualizing the data they generate. cognitiveVR currently supports hundreds of customers with products ranging from games, movies, training simulations, retail testing environments, architecture, and real estate. Our platform currently hosts tens of thousands of devices every month. Learn more at http://cognitivevr.co/

AugmentedReality.org is a non-profit organization dedicated to Augmented Reality, Wearables, and IoT. All profits are reinvested in AR.ORG’s services. Our Mission: Advancing Augmented Reality to Advance Humanity. Our Goal: 1 billion active users of AR by 2020. We produce the world's largest AR event Augmented World Expo (AWE). Join us at AWE Asia July 19-21 & AWE EU Oct 19-21 http://www.aweeu.com/ (http://www.aweeu.com/)

BetaKit is Canada's leading site for Canadian startup news and tech innovation. Learn more at www.betakit.com.

Ticket Information and Refund Policy

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Ticket holders must be 19+ or older.