Wearable tech has definitely had a banner year this year but things in this space are just getting started. 2015 will take this new wave of computing one giant leap forward. 

With the new year just around the corner, I looked into my connected crystal ball to predict what wearable tech will look like in 2015 in a recent article for BetaKit. Among my predictions was my belief that VR will make it big next year thanks to cheap, smartphone-powered VR headsets like the Samsung Gear; the rise of a killer app for wrist-worn wearables in identity and payments; and the success of the Apple Watch which hits the shelves next year.

I've packaged up a quick cheat sheet on all fourteen of my predictions in the slideshow below. But to get the full gist of where things are headed in 2015, make your way over to BetaKit to read the article.