CES has not yet officially begun for the public but the first major press event took place last night at Mandalay Bay, CES Unveiled. The showroom floor was flooded with hardware this year from drones to 3D printers and of course smart things and wearable tech.

IoT and fitness wearables were the two dominate trends at CES Unveiled this year. And within the wearable category the majority of devices focused on fitness and health. Wearable stickers like TempTraq, a baby monitor; Fitlinxx's AmpStrip, a continuous heart rate monitor and Hocoma's Valedo lower back pain therapy system featured devices that adhered directly on the user's body with medical grade adhesives. A bunch of new wrist-worn devices that track anything from mood (Being by Zensorium), body composition (InBody) and heart rate (Polar's A300) were announced yesterday night. Parrot, known for its A.R. drone, also unveiled its Parrot Zik headset, sports headphones equipped with sensors that measure activity, heart rate and your walking or running cadence.

Here are some of the wearable companies that made announcements at yesterdays CES Unveiled 2015. Pictures can be found in the slideshow below.

  • Tagg GPS Plus, a pet wearable
  • Withings Activite Pop, a fitness smartwatch
  • Being by Zensorium, a fitness wearable that measures mood, sleep, activity & heart rate
  • Polar A300, fitness wearable that brings activity tracking to Polar's heart rate capabilities
  • InBody Band, a stylish band that measures body composition and activity
  • Mira by Mira, smart jewelry that measures steps
  • hereO, a GPS Smartwatch for kids
  • Parrot Zik headset, sports headset equipped with sensors to measure heart rate, activity, speed and sound
  • Visijax, world's most advanced cycling jacket with integrated LEDs
  • AmpStrip by Fitlinxx, flexible sensors that measure heart rate which you adhere directly to your body
  • TempTraq, a baby thermostat which adheres directly on the baby's body
  • Valedo by Hocoma, a lower back physiotherapy system featuring wearable devices you stick on to your sternum and lower back
  • Quell, a therapy wearable aimed at providing relief from chronic neuropathic pain
  • Narrative Clip 2, a wearable camera now with WiFi, 8MP camera, wide angle lens and advanced filtering of noise
  • Liquid Image's Ego LS, a wearable camera with 4G streaming capabilities with a Verizon package