Chicago-based wearable startup Mira is developing smart jewelry for woman. Its first product is a fitness bracelet which tracks things like steps, calories and distance. But unlike some of the other fitness wearables on the market which look like gadgets you would buy in a tech store, Mira's bracelet is designed to be a stylish accessory you might find in a department store. 

Mira's device is made up of two components: the bracelet and the tracker. The tracker, which looks a lot like a precious stone, can either be worn in bracelet, clipped to clothing or put in a pocket which makes it extremely versatile. The bracelet comes in either brushed gold or midnight purple, and comes in various sizes to fit different wrists. The tracker is water resistant and has a charge that lasts up to five days. Squeezing the side of the tracker triggers the LED display to show stats like calories, steps and elevation. 

Mira CEO, Rob DeMento took the stage at the January We Are Wearables Chicago event to talk about the design journey behind Mira which included a human-centered research approach to develop wearable tech for women. The team listened to its users to drive design decisions right down to the charging cradle which looks like a ring holder. They also leveraged 3D printing to enable rapid prototyping and testing of the product. 

But beyond the hardware, DeMento stressed that a key focus for Mira is content and software. "It's not just about the hardware, it's about a seamless blend of hardware and software and content", DeMento told the crowd. To do this, Mira is not just making its app a place to view data but an experience all on its own. The app includes messages of encouragement, rewards and other personalized content to keep things fun and motivational. 

Mira successfully funded its wearable on Kickstarter in early January raising over $12,000. The company is currently taking pre-orders for the bracelet which retails for $169USD and is expected to ship mid-February.