We Are Wearables was created to bring people together to foster adoption and facilitate innovation in wearable tech. I realized at our very first event back in January of 2014, that coming together to discuss and try out this new tech is a powerful experience, one that not only leaves people inspired about the opportunities with this new tech but also with the feeling that they are connected to something big. Something larger than just the tech: a movement supported by a group of people who are collectively curious and committed to catalyzing the future. 

With over 3,200 members and growing strong, We Are Wearables Toronto (WWTO) has grown exponentially in just over a year, becoming the largest wearables group on Meetup in the world. And with fifteen events under our belt, WWTO has amassed a community of amazing individuals here in the city and the surrounding areas, many of which attend regularly making the event feel like a gathering of friends with some crazy cool tech.

We are extremely fortunate to be able to come together to hear from thought leaders, play with the latest in wearable tech and clink glasses of beer over pizza as a community. But here in our very own city of Toronto there are many communities that aren't so lucky. It is time for WWTO to give back! Together we can empower these communities with the means to get together. Let's pay it forward. 

I am pleased to announce the WWTO Gives Back program! 

We Are Wearables Toronto has formed a partnership with the Better Day Alliance Foundation (BDAF) to raise funds towards communities who want to get together but don't have the means to do so. BDAF works with registered charities here in Toronto by providing them with a grant of up to $1,000 to help them deliver positive experiences that go beyond the necessity and bring unexpected delight to people facing challenges.

The money these charities receive allows these groups to offer social and recreational opportunities to the people they serve. As an example, last year the Better Day Alliance granted the Yorktown Child and Family Centre with $500 for its Holiday Meal Party. Here is what they told BDAF:

“Better Day Alliance will not only make a better day for our participants, but they will also help create memories and provide a wholesome environment where young individuals and their children will also feel supported by their community.  For many participants this is the only holiday meal they will have access to because they may be isolated within their own community, and from their families, or they cannot  afford this type of meal on their own. Regardless of the reason for need, participants look forward to this celebration knowing that it allows them a time with their children and their peers, a full meal, and a time and place where they feel comfortable being themselves"

Here is how you can help! At every event, we will be selling snacks at the bar. All proceeds from the sale of these snacks will go towards the Better Day Alliance Foundation. In addition, you will also find a donation jar at the bar if you wish to give money directly (without the calories). Donations of $100 or more will be issued a charitable receipt. I promise to give you complete visibility into the funds that we have raised at each event. Our initial goal I've set is to reach $1,000 and we have already raised 20% ($207.60) from our first event April 9 when we kicked this program off. We are just getting started! 

In addition, to helping communities come together, the WWTO Gives Back program will also be organizing quarterly events bringing wearable tech demos to community groups around Toronto who are assisting kids and teens. Our aim is to make wearables accessible to these groups to get them excited and inspired in much the same way we do at our regular WWTO events. We are in the process of finalizing our first group. If you are a community group interested in working with us or wish to volunteer your time or tech, please fill out the form below. 

I want to extend a huge thank you to you the WWTO community! Without you coming together it wouldn't be possible to help our city in this way. If you have any questions about this program or some ideas, please contact me at toronto@wearewearables.com or via the form below.


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