Our June event in Toronto focused on a growing segment of wearable tech, pet wearables! As part of the registration process for this event, we asked our members a couple of questions to get to know how many of them had pets and what they would want a wearable for their fur-baby to do. Over 400 members answered one or many of questions of our pet wearable survey and here are the highlights from the results.

Most of you have a pet! 58% of the 287 folks that answered the question "Do you have a pet?" answered yes! Many of you have dogs and cats but birds, lizards, and fish were also quite popular!

When asked "What would you want a wearable to do for your pet?" the most popular answer was Geo-Tracking (38%) followed by being able to track Health & Vitals (20%). Fitness & Exercise (11%), Other (e.g. safety, fashion, mind control, training) (11%), Communication (7%), Camera (6%), Play (4%), Feeding (2%), Washroom (0.5%) were also popular answers. 

But many of our members got quite creative with their wish list for pet wearables. Some noteworthy responses included:

  • A dog translator which would translate into words what the dog was saying using a collar device
  • Tracking a dogs seizures and meds
  • A device that would text cute messages from the pet during the day
  • A device that would post the location of a pet to twitter
  • A pet-cam that would let owners see what a cat has been up to when they are outside of the home

Have your own idea for a pet wearable? Add it to the comments below.