Tom Emrich, founder of the We Are Wearables community and speaker at the upcoming Rock Stars of Wearables symposium on September 23, 2015 in Austin, Texas, presented by IEEE Computer Society, today spoke with impassioned purpose about the impact wearables technology will have on the lives of all of us.

Emrich says wearables will –

Allow us to see ourselves in a different way. 
Sensors allow wearables to collect biometric data on us as we move through the world. After generations of being focused "out there" on screens, we can now return some awareness to ourselves, our bodies, and how we're doing on a lot of levels. Even the simplest step-counter makes us recognize the importance of movement. We're so busy and caught up in data, wearables will literally help us find ourselves.

Make us part of the Internet of Things. 
Smart phones aren't enough to truly link us into the connected world. After all, we can put them down. But to be a continuously connected node that not only collects information, but also feeds it out, we need wearable technology that works without our conscious thought. Have a problem remembering your passwords? What if your cardiac rhythm identifies you? Your refrigerator can talk to your pantry, but for them to buy the right things, you need to be part of the process.

Open new forms of communication. 
Wearables allow us to have a more sensory experience which expands our ability to communicate beyond speech and writing. Haptic feedback vests are letting people without hearing know what is being spoken through vibrations. We'll have the ability to communicate feelings over long distances – telepathy through technology.

Allow us to express ourselves in new ways. 
We all express ourselves through our sense of style, but imagine your clothing being able to shift to express your mood. Wearables give us a way to say new things about ourselves – without speaking.

Document our lives – without missing the moments. 
Most people know the frustration of trying to capture a moment for posterity (or Instagram) and discovering they missed enjoying it. Wearables will record our world automatically, allowing us to participate fully while the documenting happens from the wearable.

Show us the world in new ways. 
We've talked about virtual reality for years. The revolution in wearables makes it a part of daily life. Through wearables we can visit places we've always wanted to go – or participate with family and friends in important events – without ever leaving home.

Emrich joins a roster of the top minds and innovators in wearables technology at Rock Stars of Wearables, September 23, presented by IEEE Computer Society. Among them are Cary Bran of Plantronics, Mike Bell of Intel, Jennifer Darmour of Chrono Therapeutics, Sonny Vu of Misfit Wearables, Israel Gat of Cutter Consortium, Tim Moore of Rochester Optical, and Pankaj Kedia of Qualcomm. More information on Rock Stars of Wearables can be found at

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