If you are a Globe and Mail reader you may have seen a familiar slogan in KPMG's "Next Million" insert found in last week's newspaper. Author Sarah Barmak adopted our community movement name  "We Are Wearables" as the title of her trend piece on wearable technology calling "Canada ground zero for the smart-tech revolution". 

The article features many of the wearable companies we have showcased on stage at We Are Wearables Toronto including Thalmic Labs, InteraXon and Nymi and does a great job at giving an overview of some of the homegrown Canadian startups who are creating device that are changing the way we interact with our tech. Barmak also dives into the Blackberry effect in her article, making a connection between this Canadian mobile giant's decline to freeing up talent to assist and lead in startups who are tackling the wearable and other connected device space. 

Barmak also stresses the importance of the We Are Wearables community in her article. "There’s one more reason why Canada’s been a hotbed of wearable innovation: We have a large and active wearables community. Every month for the past year, roughly 350 industry members and gadget fans have come together at the popular We Are Wearables meet up, held at Toronto’s MaRS Discovery District. ere, attendees watch companies demo new products and give presentations". 

You can download a soft copy of the Next Million here or visit www.thenextmillion.com to read the full article online.